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Harrisburg, PA: Toland to Pine Grove Furnace via Appalachian Trail

In less than 7.5 miles, you’ll visit quiet woods and a secret Underground Railroad spot, and cross the midpoint of the Appalachian Trail.
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-Mapped by Jeff Chow

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 12.1



Location: 40.0718688964844, -77.2043151855469

From Pine Grove Rd., head S on the Appalachian Trail


Location: 40.0694007873535, -77.2055816650391

Bear L @ Y


Location: 40.0663681030273, -77.2068176269531

Cross Tagg Run. In 100 ft., stay straight @ T; blue-blazed trail on L leads to James Fry Shelter, shaded by trees


Location: 40.0555839538574, -77.2225799560547

Keep straight @ T; blue-blazed trail on R leads to Mtn. Creek Campground


Location: 40.0541152954102, -77.2267303466797

Cross Lime Kiln Rd., then continue SW


Location: 40.0532684326172, -77.2288818359375

Continue straight; trail enters from W; gentle ascent ahead


Location: 40.0467185974121, -77.2342300415039

Pass a small, unofficial campsite on L; continue SW


Location: 40.0338897705078, -77.2481918334961

Small boulder field, then moderate SW descent, skirting wooded gully


Location: 40.0287017822266, -77.2664184570312

Straight @ T. Optional: R @ T; follow Pole Steeple Trail for .5-mi ascent to views of wooded countryside from outcrop


Location: 40.0304832458496, -77.2871017456055

Photo op: Wood sign marks Mile 1,069, honorary midpoint of the AT (actual midpoint changes every year as trail gets rerouted). In .2 mi., trail enters Pine Grove Furnace SP


Location: 40.0287666320801, -77.2933654785156

Straight @ T, staying on park road. Swamp Trail enters on L


Location: 40.0303840637207, -77.2974472045898

Cross 2 streams on footbridges; pass Fuller Lake’s NE shore on L


Location: 40.0317001342773, -77.3068466186524

Check out old Underground RR station; join thru-hikers @ general store as they scarf ice cream to join the famous AT half-gallon club. Retrace steps or shuttle back

AT midpoint plaque

Location: 40.030216217041, -77.2871627807617

©Jeff Chow

AT midpoint sign

Location: 40.0304908752441, -77.2870254516602

©Jeff Chow

Hiker rests next to AT midpoint sign

Location: 40.030216217041, -77.286750793457

©Jeff Chow

Mossy woods

Location: 40.0276184082031, -77.2803268432617

©Jeff Chow

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