Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park: Sliding Sands Trail

This 9.2-mile dayhike drops into the muzzle of the world's largest dormant volcano.

Mapped by Tiger Mendez

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 7.4



Location: 20.7144203186035, -156.250930786133

Descend S into the crater on Sliding Sands Trail


Location: 20.7108058929443, -156.248397827148

As you begin to enter the desolate sandy interior of Haleakala crater, notice the near-lifeless ecosystem and striking contrast to lush tropical beaches only a few miles away. The terrain is so desolate NASA trained Apollo astronauts here in preparation for their moon landing during the 60’s


Location: 20.7121353149414, -156.238723754883

Peer ahead at Pu’u o Maui, the tallest cinder cone in the crater standing 500 ft. tall


Location: 20.7097320556641, -156.234405517578

Except for squeaky sand below your feet and light swirling winds, this crater is oddly quiet considering it once had a big bang factor. Mini-avalanches are tell signs ongoing erosion, but rare enough to keep the quietness burning a hole through your


Location: 20.71116065979, -156.233245849609

Continue straight @ 3-way with optional spur trail leading to Kalua o ka Oo


Location: 20.7066116333008, -156.220428466797

Out of the crumbling volcanic floor grows Silversword, a rare plant with thick leaves covered in silver hairs and a single stalk covered in brown flowers


Location: 20.7077808380127, -156.219299316406

Photographers: Plant your tripod here to capture a colorful sunset over the crater


Location: 20.7066402435303, -156.212814331055

Turn around and retrace steps back to trailhead @ 3-way with Sands Trail