Guadalupe Mountains National Park: Guadalupe Peak

You'll summit the highest point in Texas on this 8-mile overnight trip in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

The Guadalupe Mountains rise from the west Texas salt flats like a limestone shiv. Reach the top of Texas (8,751-foot Guadalupe Peak) on an 8-miler with long-distance views of scrubland stretching to Mexico and New Mexico. Camp at the site a mile from the summit to extend your stay.
SEASON: Fall to winter
PERMIT: Overnight camping in Guadalupe Mountains National Park requires a free backcountry permit. Get more trip planning details at
MORE INFO: Guadalupe Mountains National Park, (915) 828-3251;
-Mapped by Steven Smith,

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 12.9



Location: 31.896654, -104.828276

Hike west from the Pine Springs Campground.


Location: 31.896638, -104.829488

Bear left, heading northwest.


Location: 31.896497, -104.834909

The trail swings left, heading south.


Location: 31.895199, -104.834064

The switchback climb starts here. In the next mile, you'll gain nearly 1,000 feet of elevation.


Location: 31.896706, -104.839504

The trail wraps around the northern slopes of Guadalupe Peak.


Location: 31.8923, -104.852518

Turn right to spend the night at Guadalupe Peak Backcountry Campground.


Location: 31.892441, -104.851834

Guadalupe Peak Backcountry Campground: Be prepared for wind at this campground There's minimal protection from high winds.


Location: 31.892202, -104.85512

Cross the highest bridge in Texas at 8,093 feet.


Location: 31.890157, -104.856391

More switchbacks ahead.


Location: 31.891193, -104.861265

Guadalupe Peak: Crest the highest peak in Texas.

Eastern Views

Location: 31.89585, -104.838409


Location: 31.892471, -104.851745

Looking east from the campground

Location: 31.892316, -104.851783

Views to the east

Location: 31.892393, -104.851735

Hunter Peak

Location: 31.892521, -104.851815

Looking northeast from the campground.

Looking west from the campground

Location: 31.892498, -104.851944

The highest bridge in Texas

Location: 31.892329, -104.854959

Guadalupe Peak

Location: 31.891204, -104.861222

El Capitan

Location: 31.891236, -104.861251

Looking south from the peak.

American Airlines Monument and El Capitan

Location: 31.891241, -104.86131

View of the campground

Location: 31.89123, -104.86138

Looking east from the peak.

Shumard Peak

Location: 31.891209, -104.861463

View to the northwest from the summit.