Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Mount Le Conte

Bag one of the Smokies' most thrilling peaks on this 12.6-mile shuttle hike that takes in ridgetop views before tackling a rocky, high exposure descent.

On this 12.6-mile shuttle hike, you'll scramble up 6,593-foot Mount Le Conte, the third highest peak in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. From Newfound Gap, start by hiking 2.7 miles north along the Appalachian Trail to the Boulevard Trail. After turning left onto Boulevard Trail, take a spur trail detour to Mount Kephart and The Jumpoff, a sheer 1,000-foot cliff with superb views of Charlies Bunion, a unique rock formation revealed by a 1925 fire.

Trekking west on the Boulevard Trail, you'll enjoy great ridge views over the next 4.7 miles en route to the Le Conte summit area. Set up camp near the top at the newly renovated shelter (reservations required) and take advantage of dining facilities at the Le Conte Lodge.

The next day, descend the exposed Alum Cave Trail (using steel cables in some of the riskier areas) toward the Alum Cave Bluffs. Farther down, Inspiration Point provides the last great views of the wilderness. Descend through Arch Rock, crossing occasional wooden bridges over the Styx River and then Alum Cave Creek on the way back down to your shuttle car on US 441.

-Mapped by Scott Sanders,


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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 20.3



Location: 35.61095, -83.424897

From Newfound Gap, begin hiking east on the white-blazed Appalachian Trail (next to the monument). A public restroom is located to the right of the trailhead.


Location: 35.620178, -83.406293

As the AT climbs the ridge spine of Mount Ambler, it passes several scenic overlooks. Just 0.2 mile ahead, continue left @ 3-way junction to stay on the AT.


Location: 35.628567, -83.390522

Turn left @ 3-way junction onto the un-blazed Boulevard Trail. The AT continues right.


Location: 35.629221, -83.390436

Keep left on the Boulevard Trail at another 3-way junction; a right here detours to Mount Kephart and The Jump Off.


Location: 35.653841, -83.434861

Turn right @ 3-way intersection to continue toward the Mount Le Conte summit. The Myrtle Point trail heads off to the left.


Location: 35.654315, -83.436613

Mount Le Conte (6,593 ft.): To continue toward the Le Conte Lodge, go right at this 3-way intersection.


Location: 35.653324, -83.43882

The trail passes the Le Conte Shelter on the left (reservations required). The Le Conte Lodge is on the right.


Location: 35.653251, -83.439939

Turn right @ 3-way intersection.


Location: 35.653949, -83.440368

Turn left @ 3-way intersection. Ahead, pass the entrance to Le Conte Lodge.


Location: 35.655042, -83.442239

Turn left @ 3-way intersection to continue hiking west away from the lodge area on the Alum Cave Trail. Ahead, the trail makes a switchback descent with some decent exposure.


Location: 35.629396, -83.45129

The trail ends at the Alum Cave parking lot on US 441.

Alum Cave Trail

Location: 35.65448, -83.445421

Exposure on the Alum Cave Trail

Newfound Gap

Location: 35.610967, -83.424736

Rocky AT Terrain

Location: 35.615442, -83.415113

Fir Tunnel

Location: 35.634244, -83.392324

Firs on the Boulevard Trail.

Boulevard Views

Location: 35.636616, -83.393784

Boulevard Views

Location: 35.637593, -83.394352

Le Conte Shelter

Location: 35.653338, -83.438609

Le Conte Stones

Location: 35.654332, -83.436377

Le Conte Lodge

Location: 35.653931, -83.440089

The Le Conte dining Hall is in the center, down the hill.

Alum Cave Trail

Location: 35.65387, -83.445379

Alum Cave Trail Views

Location: 35.645457, -83.438941

Alum Cave

Location: 35.63768, -83.443115

Alum Cave

Location: 35.637401, -83.442922

Alum Cave Waterfall

Location: 35.636459, -83.442106

Eye of the Needle

Location: 35.63618, -83.441033

Alum Cave Creek

Location: 35.639842, -83.438137

Arch Rock

Location: 35.637453, -83.437836

The trail passes through Arch Rock.

Creek Crossing

Location: 35.637052, -83.437954

A bridge crossing over Alum Cave Creek.

Alum Cave Creek

Location: 35.63216, -83.44466