Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Albright Grove Loop

This 7-mile loop is a trailside study of the past: old cabins, ancient forests, and the legacy of a pioneering conservationist.

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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 6.3



Location: 35.7693786621094, -83.2666931152344

Gradually ascend on Maddron Bald Trail (gravel road) through hemlocks and rhododendrons; Buckeye Creek rushes on L


Location: 35.7626991271973, -83.2708969116211

Cabin of farmer Willis Baxter (c.1889); park historians believe this small home was built from a single American Chestnut tree. (A blight has wiped out these massive giants)


Location: 35.7554702758789, -83.2716979980469

Straight @ 4-way


Location: 35.7470703125, -83.2785110473633

On R, large piles of rocks act as old fence lines; chickweed and showy orchid flourish in open stands of poplar, maple


Location: 35.7437782287598, -83.2791366577148

Stand of large hemlock with blue cohosh, trout lilies, hepatica, and trillium carpeting forest floor below


Location: 35.7378692626953, -83.2780838012695

Cross Indian Camp Creek on log footbridge; climb steep (maybe wet) trail


Location: 35.7373390197754, -83.2797164916992

L @ Y, starting Albright Grove Loop Trail (named after 2nd NPS director Horace Albright, an early advocate for this and other national parks E of the Mississippi)


Location: 35.7352600097656, -83.2755126953125

R @ T


Location: 35.7351989746094, -83.2767791748047

After short climb, check out two large silverbell trees on R whose flaking bark shines blue


Location: 35.7350311279297, -83.2796936035156

Path drops 200 ft. on return back to WPT 7; backtrack to trailhead