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Glacier National Park: Appistoki Peak and Mount Henry

Hike up two mountain peaks with eye-popping vistas on this challenging 7.4-mile off-trail route on the park's lesser-traveled east side.

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-Mapped by Eric Biehl

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 5.9


Views of the SW ridge of Spot Mtn.

Location: 48.4677276611328, -113.35440826416

©Eric Biehl


Location: 48.4849586486816, -113.36075592041

Take Mt. Henry Scenic Point Trail; head E around the boneyard


Location: 48.4832725524902, -113.353317260742

Path zigs under conifers; side trail to Appistoki Falls veers off to R


Location: 48.4813423156738, -113.351234436035

Leave the Mt. Henry Trail behind; cross Appistoki Creek (no bridge) and head S toward Appistoki Peak


Location: 48.4785919189453, -113.352203369141

Terrain climbs @ steady pace; low windswept trees and open alpine meadows replace lodgepole pines


Location: 48.4757766723633, -113.353446960449

Trail starts to get steep. Look back to admire Scenic Point Mtn. in NE, plus (possibly) grazing bighorn sheep


Location: 48.4731254577637, -113.355522155762

Photo op: Two Medicine Lake and Sinopah Mtn. to the W


Location: 48.4670791625977, -113.354400634766

Appistoki Peak (8,164 ft.): Take in 360° views of Spot Mtn. to N, Bison Mtn. to E, and Painted Tepee Peak to SW; head S on ridgeline toward the saddle


Location: 48.4601516723633, -113.357002258301

Continue on ridgeline as it continues to climb S from the saddle


Location: 48.4539794921875, -113.355499267578

Photo op: Large rock arch. Ridge begins to curve to the E


Location: 48.4527435302734, -113.349166870117

Keep heading E, following ridgeline toward summit of Mt. Henry


Location: 48.4531288146973, -113.343597412109

Mt. Henry (8,845 ft.): Bird's-eye views of Big Sky country and the rugged Lewis Range stretch for miles

The view from Appistoki Peak

Location: 48.4665985107422, -113.354537963867

©Eric Biehl

Bear Grass

Location: 48.4820556640625, -113.35221862793

©Eric Biehl

Indian Paintbrush

Location: 48.4824333190918, -113.351280212402

©Eric Biehl