Gear Review: Granite Gear Air Zippditty Ditty Bags

Ultralight, oblong, zippered sacks to help you keep all your traveling gear organized.


When I’m packing for a multiday trip, my philosophy is cram and go. I prefer light, clean packs without a ton of extraneous pockets. But I’m not a walking yard sale. I keep organized with these ultralight, oblong, zippered sacks. This set includes four different sizes. The largest at 2.4 liters is big enough for my spare clothes, while the smallest at .6 liter is perfect for my bare-bones toiletry kit. The mediums hold all of the tricks of my trade: a waterproof notebook and pen for taking notes, field evaluation card, gear lists, and weather meters. The 30-denier siliconized, waterproof nylon is transparent to minimize searching. $30; 2.5 oz. (for the set);