Fourmile Falls

A scenic trail through aspen and spruce-fir following Fourmile Creek to a 300-foot waterfall.
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This trail follows Fourmile Creek with Eagle Mountain to the east. The first part is rocky dirt trail that rises and falls, sometimes quite steeply. You'll hike through dense stands of aspen and spruce-fir, and across open meadows with views of the creek and surrounding mountains. Depending on snowmelt and rains, there may be several small streams to cross. In summer, expect a variety of wildflowers and, in the meadows, clouds of butterflies. In places with a view of the water, look for beaver dams. In wooded areas, you're also likely to see many types of mushrooms and other fungi.
The trail is well-used and easy to follow. There is a kiosk at the trail head - and often, a supply of walking sticks -- but little signage along the trail. You may see a few metal trail markers on the trees.
At the end of the trail, the waterfall drops 300 feet from the towering cliffs. This route stops at the stream, but it's possible to cross and continue up to the base of the falls. Expect to get wet.
The trail head parking lot has restrooms.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 8.9



Location: 37.409314, -107.052717

07-AUG-10 11:14:23AM

Stream crossing

Location: 37.411784, -107.048527

07-AUG-10 11:23:54AM

Scenic views

Location: 37.413594, -107.045622

07-AUG-10 11:33:14AM

Another stream crossing

Location: 37.414655, -107.044499

07-AUG-10 11:37:01AM

Wooded area

Location: 37.417911, -107.041525

07-AUG-10 11:44:01AM

Creek crossing

Location: 37.426411, -107.037306

07-AUG-10 12:10:13PM

Meadow with view of falls

Location: 37.429957, -107.036364

07-AUG-10 12:17:06PM

Pond and beaver dam

Location: 37.4366, -107.038684

07-AUG-10 12:35:19PM

Below Fourmile Falls

Location: 37.441502, -107.040991

07-AUG-10 12:51:26PM

Trail head

Location: 37.409298, -107.052671

07-AUG-10 2:38:16PM

Kiosk and walking sticks

Location: 37.409403, -107.05267

Towering trees

Location: 37.418521, -107.040374

Crossing the creek

Location: 37.426428, -107.03707

This stream can be substantial, depending on snow melt and rains.

Fourmile Falls

Location: 37.441456, -107.040814

View of falls

Location: 37.438338, -107.038937

Wooded trail

Location: 37.422321, -107.037864

Meadow, trees, and peaks

Location: 37.434386, -107.037821

Wild peppers

Location: 37.415573, -107.043314

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