Filmmaker Tod Skloot's New Subject: Wheelchair Hiker

Skloot has 30 titles to his credit, and his latest, "4 Wheel Bob," is a profile of disabled hiker Bob Coomber.
Bob Coomber climbing White Mountain

Bob Coomber, climbing the flanks of White Mountain, the third-highest in California, in 2007.

For one scene in his upcoming documentary, "4 Wheel Bob," Tod Skloot followed Bob Coomber up 11,700-foot Kearsarge Pass—which Coomber climbed in a wheelchair. It's just one part of a chronicle of strength and determination that took Skloot seven years to film. Says Skloot: "While Bob isn’t a fan of the word ‘inspiration,’ when you look at him doing these things and see the determination, and yet generosity, as he meets people, I was inspired to grumble a little less and try to do things that have meaning."