Fall Foliage Rappelling - Backpacker

Fall Foliage Rappelling

Publish date:

Group: Discover Outdoors

When: Saturday, October 21, 8 am

Where: Shawangunk Reserve, NY

Cost: $175–189


Experience the beauty of summer fading into fall while feeling adrenaline pump through you, your senses invigorated by the 360 degree views around you. On this adventure, you start above it all, peering out into the vibrantly colored wild before cascading down the rock face. We will begin with a short hike through the beautiful trails of the Shawangunk Ridge to the edge of the first cliff. After a thorough instruction on your equipment and the art of rappelling, you will be set to rappel off the edge. Our guides will be with you along the way to ensure your safety. As you rappel, you'll learn to relax and take in autumn's beauty. There is no better view of the turning leaves than from the top. No previous rappelling or climbing experience is necessary.

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