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Dreamer Fourteener: Hike for a Cause

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Group: Young Professionals Council

When: Friday, August 11, 7 am

Where: Mount Bierstadt

Cost: Free, but suggested to fundraise money for the Colorado "I Have a Dream" Foundation


Join us in supporting the Colorado "I Have a Dream" Foundation (CIHAD) as we hike Mount Bierstadt, while raising funds to support the organization and their students. Since 1988, CIHAD has impacted the lives of more than 800 Denver Metro youth from kindergarten through high school by providing access to resources that go beyond the classroom. With your help, CIHAD empowers these youth, who are affectionately called Dreamers, to meet these expectations through our thoughtfully crafted and research-based programs.

The most recent expansion by CIHAD includes a research-based, whole-school model in Southwest Denver. The whole-school model allows six times the number of Dreamers to be served.

August 11 at 7 a.m.
Mount Bierstadt in Georgetown
7 miles round-trip / up to 14,060 ft.

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