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Don't Pay at the Pump: Photos and Mass-Transit Hikes

After reading Dan Koeppel's latest urban hiking adventure "Don't Pay at the Pump" (September 2008), we guarantee you'll want to crank "Magic Bus" and ditch the car on your next trip to the trailhead. We can help. Our map team has assembled more than 25 hikes you can access via public transportation. Plus, check out more of Michael Darter's photos and read Koeppel's 2004 feature, "I Climbed Los Angeles," to learn about his slightly insane 19-mile L.A. staircase route.


Magic Busing it to Angeles National Forest

See more of Michael Darter’s photos from “Don’t Pay at the Pump,” Dan Koeppel’s urban quest to ditch his car and make it to the trailhead by using public transportation.



I Climbed Los Angeles

One small step for our stair-obsessed man, one giant leap for fitness freaks everywhere. In this 2004 feature article Dan Koeppel takes on the quest of climbing every one of Los Angeles’s staircases.



Take the Bus: Hiking via Public Transportation

Download any one of hikes from New York to Seattle right here