Devil's Hopyard

A beautiful, wooded hike along a ridge and through the Eightmile River valley with a beautiful waterfall and vista of Connecticut countryside.
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Park in the lot above the falls. Cross the road and walk along the falls on the right side passing by a stone arch on the right. The Red Trail breaks off on the right, follow it. It crosses Hopyard Road. Follow the Red Trail to where it comes to a point and switches back. Continue to follow the Red Trail, over a small bridge, and then turn left on the Green Trail. Take another immediate left on the Green Trail, and then follow the trail until it intersects the White Trail. Go right on the White Trail and follow it, crossing the Green Trail a couple times along the way. The White Trail will meet back up with the Red Trail where you should turn right to return to where you first joined the Red Trail. That concludes the part of the hike on the west side of Hopyard Road. The rest of the hike is on the east side of the road along Eightmile River and up on the ridge. Go right at the end of the Red Trail, then go left down some stairs, then right through a picnic area, then left across the covered bridge. At the other side of the covered bridge, go straight to the vista. From here, follow the trail to the vista (there are trail markers that will direct you). Initially, the trail follows the river which is really beautiful with lots of moss covered rocks and tall evergreens. A trail marker will direct you on a short detour to Devil's Oven, a small cave in a cliff. This is strenuous, very steep side trip, but it is fun and the cave is kind of neat, so I would recommend it. You can either continue to follow the trail to the vista, or you can continue along the river until you are even with the vista, then turn left and climb up the hill. This is a challenging ascent that requires the use of hands. When you come upon the trail, turn right to the overlook over the valley to the south. It is a really beautiful sight so I would recommend bringing a plum or nectarine to enjoy up there. Take the spur back to the Orange Trail loop. Turn right to take the upper half of the Orange Loop back to the parking lot. The trail will split again after a bit, stay right. The trail will hit a small stream and follow that for a bit with a trail branching off to the right. Ignore it, stay straight, and you will arrive at the base of the falls. Climb up the rocks (not the steep rocks in sight of the falls but the ones a little tucked away that look more used by hikers), and turn left to return to the car.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 7.3



Location: 41.483859, -72.342235

Chapman Falls

Location: 41.483714, -72.341806

R on Red Trail

Location: 41.483328, -72.341999

Red Trail Switchback

Location: 41.481415, -72.351762

Small Bridge

Location: 41.478618, -72.348694

L on Green Trail

Location: 41.477364, -72.346312

R on White Trail

Location: 41.47939, -72.347299

R on Red Trail

Location: 41.481399, -72.344209

L Down Stairs

Location: 41.483087, -72.341634

R through picnic area

Location: 41.482943, -72.341334

Cross Covered Bridge

Location: 41.482123, -72.341033

Trail follows river

Location: 41.479808, -72.33936

Devil's Oven

Location: 41.477284, -72.339317

Turn left up hill and off trail

Location: 41.472171, -72.338072


Location: 41.47185, -72.336098

R on Orange Trail

Location: 41.472702, -72.33627

Stay Straight to Falls

Location: 41.481689, -72.33584

The trail follows a small stream

Location: 41.482701, -72.338458


Location: 41.484068, -72.341806


Location: 41.483827, -72.342192


Location: 41.483682, -72.341741


Location: 41.481319, -72.351676


Location: 41.478602, -72.348651


Location: 41.479084, -72.345175


Location: 41.482927, -72.341334


Location: 41.482107, -72.341055


Location: 41.47976, -72.339381


Location: 41.47849, -72.339853


Location: 41.477268, -72.339338


Location: 41.473136, -72.339081


Location: 41.472091, -72.337364


Location: 41.471834, -72.336141


Location: 41.475982, -72.336463


Location: 41.481801, -72.335969


Location: 41.483666, -72.341613

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