Cypress Grove Loop

Hike through one of the last natural Monterey Cypress groves that exist on the easy one mile loop hike through the Allan Memorial Cypress Grove.
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One of the main attractions of Point Lobos SNR is the Allan Memorial Cypress Grove that loops around these coastal icons of Monterey. The cypresses are not the only feature of this hike, the trail also provides views of lush vegetation, wildflowers and scenic views of the rocky California shoreline and turquoise waters.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 1.7



Location: 36.518898, -121.949783



Location: 36.522293, -121.951675

L to the North Point Vista then return to main trail.


Location: 36.519283, -121.949699

L @ Y.


Location: 36.522015, -121.951424

L and head down steps for another Vista that overlooks Cypress Cove and then return to trail.

Trail connects back with CGL003 then retrace route to trailhead.


Location: 36.520657, -121.950668

L @ Y.


Location: 36.518986, -121.949745

To the Grove

Location: 36.519405, -121.949799

Poison Oak

Location: 36.519829, -121.950287

View of the Pinnacles

Location: 36.522148, -121.953926

Cypress Cove

Location: 36.522141, -121.951073

Spanish Moss

Location: 36.521702, -121.951195


Location: 36.521019, -121.950699

South Point

Location: 36.521488, -121.953026

Orange Algae

Location: 36.522144, -121.952919

The 'velvety' orange algae grows predominately in the northern part of the grove.

The Pinnacle

Location: 36.522209, -121.953537

North Point

Location: 36.522701, -121.951904

Cypress Cove from North Point

Location: 36.522625, -121.951797

Through the Grove

Location: 36.52219, -121.952217

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