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Crater Lake National Park: Mount Scott

Travel into the fiery past of Mount Mazama on this 5.2-mile out-and-back to the park's highest peak, where sprawling views of the deepest lake in the United States await.
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-Mapped by Melissa Stolasz

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 4.2



Location: 42.929119, -122.030701

From parking lot, begin hiking on well-marked trail


Location: 42.92944, -122.029297

Pass large log sign marking trail


Location: 42.919609, -122.0289

Break for views of Mts. McLoughlin and Shasta to the S


Location: 42.917519, -122.017303

Begin substantial switchbacks as trail climbs


Location: 42.919819, -122.020302

Snack spot; majestic views of Crater Lake, a solitary blue caldera formed 7,700 years ago by an eruption 42 times stronger than that of Mt. St. Helens


Location: 42.919472, -122.017998

Continue hiking as rolling green eastern plains emerge in the distance; turn S to see Klamath Lake basin, Oregon's largest freshwater lake


Location: 42.920311, -122.0186

Switchbacks continue; Mt.Thielsen, an old volcanic neck, dominates N horizon


Location: 42.92165, -122.016899

Hit saddle; to W, vistas of Crater Lake and Wizard
Island, the exposed relic of Mt. Mazama's mighty lava flows


Location: 42.92292, -122.016296

Arrive at craggy summit of Mt. Scott (8,929 ft.); continue past fire lookout tower for lunch spots; retrace path to car

Crater Lake

Location: 42.927338, -122.055893

Mount Scott

Location: 42.922981, -122.016014

Fire lookout on Mount Scott.

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