Colorado 14ers: Mount Democrat, Mount Lincoln and Mount Bross

Tour three 14,000-foot peaks (and one unranked 14er) on this loop in the Mosquito Range.

Editor's Note:
As of June 1, 2009, the Kite Lake trailhead is open again, giving hikers access to Mounts Lincoln and Democrat (and Mt. Cameron, an unoffical 14er). Landowners near Bross have not yet reached a settlement with officials, so trails to that peak remain closed. Please abide the private property signs.
-Mapped by Wasim Manasfi and Ron Wilkinson

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 11.1


Arriving at Mount Cameron

Location: 39.3466187, -106.1197281

©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Arriving at Mount Lincoln

Location: 39.3513641, -106.1130524

©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Trail to Democrat's saddle

Location: 39.333065, -106.1281586

Views of the climb to the Democrat-Cameron saddle from Kite Lake
©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Looking back at Kite Lake

Location: 39.3364525, -106.1266098

©Wasim Manasfi and Ron Wilkinson

Mine at saddle of Mount Democrat

Location: 39.3413429, -106.1324615

©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Mining history

Location: 39.3354378, -106.1272812

©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Mount Bross from the top of Mount Cameron

Location: 39.3472481, -106.1186676

©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Mount Bross from Mount Lincoln's summit

Location: 39.3514137, -106.1116486

©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Mount Bross from slopes of Mount Democrat

Location: 39.3394547, -106.1376419

©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Views of Mount Bross from the trail

Location: 39.3505898, -106.1149902

©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Mount Cameron and Mount Democrat from Mount Lincoln

Location: 39.3515587, -106.1117935

©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Mount Democrat

Location: 39.3409538, -106.1314011

©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Mount Democrat from slopes of Mount Bross

Location: 39.3368416, -106.1089325

©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Kite Lake

Location: 39.3335953, -106.1114502

Descending Mount Bross toward Kite Lake.
©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Summit of Mount Democrat

Location: 39.3397446, -106.1401138

©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson

Trail from Kite Lake

Location: 39.3295784, -106.1283493

Trail to Democrat from Kite Lake. Mount Democrat is on the left.
©Wasim Manasfi & Ron Wilkinson


Location: 39.3277016, -106.1296005

From trailhead, head N toward Democrat-Cameron saddle toward Kite Lake


Location: 39.3282776, -106.1289368

Stay straight @ T; trail leading to Mt. Bross enters from the R; continue N to skirt the lake's E banks


Location: 39.329628, -106.1283493

Pass Kite Lake on L; begin N ascent to saddle. Mt. Democrat dominates views to NW


Location: 39.3344383, -106.1277008

Pass the remnants of an old cabin; continue climb up slopes pockmarked with prospecting holes and mines


Location: 39.3354797, -106.1271973

Pass the ruins of another cabin


Location: 39.3369789, -106.1260986

Stay straight through grassy area; remain on trail to prevent erosion of slopes to the L


Location: 39.3386497, -106.1285019

Continue switchback climb to saddle


Location: 39.3416595, -106.1322021

Turn L on saddle; head SW on Democrat's E ridge; pass more mining ruins


Location: 39.3393707, -106.135498

Final .3-mi. summit push up rocky slopes to Mt. Democrat


Location: 39.3396111, -106.1400986

Mt. Democrat (14,148 ft.): Barren summit offers intimate views of the Mosquito Range. Kite Lake and Lake Emma are nestled at the foot of Democrat's S slopes. Retrace steps to WPT 8; continue straight on ridgeline to summit Mt. Cameron (an unranked 14er) and Mt. Lincoln


Location: 39.3449211, -106.1241989

Continue NE on ridgeline to Mt. Cameron


Location: 39.3472099, -106.1186981

Mt. Cameron: Take a breather on this gentle 14,238-ft. summit between Democrat and Lincoln (not an official 14er because its summit does not drop 300 ft. below the others). Continue heading NE toward Lincoln's peak


Location: 39.3501968, -106.1158981

Continue straight @ 3-way on well-trodden trail


Location: 39.3514404, -106.1116028

Mt. Lincoln (14,286 ft.): Relish the sights from the tallest peak in the Tenmile-Mosquito Range. Look to the S and SW for views of neighboring 14ers. Retrace steps to WPT 13, then bear L @ Y to tackle Mt. Bross, the final ascent of the day


Location: 39.3434258, -106.11689

Update June, 1 2009: Trail remains closed to Bross. Take connector trail, bypassing the peak and private land, back down to Kite Lake.

((old route info to Bross below))
Follow saddle to the SE to reach Bross' round summit


Location: 39.3354683, -106.1076965

Mt. Bross (14,172 ft.): Relax on broad summit before beginning descent of Bross' W slopes to complete loop @ Kite Lake


Location: 39.3331184, -106.1128998

Descend ridgeline, heading SW


Location: 39.3309402, -106.115799

Bear to the L, heading S from the ridge to avoid steep, loose rock


Location: 39.3275795, -106.1203995

Final .5-mi. stretch; continue W descent to WPT 2; turn L to return to trailhead