Colorado 14ers: Huron Peak

A well-marked trail unfurls up this mountain and leads to sublime panoramas across a sea of granite and ice in the Sawatch Range.
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-Mapped by Michael Ciccone

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 8.2



Location: 38.9808387756348, -106.446098327637

From parking area, head SW for 1.8 mi. on dirt road to the South Winfield trailhead


Location: 38.9792404174805, -106.447799682617

Cross a small stream that cuts across the road


Location: 38.9780883789062, -106.449798583984

Veer R @ Y; watch for 4WD vehicles that occasionally pass by on road


Location: 38.9706611633301, -106.456802368164

The view on the road opens up to reveal a pyramid-shaped peak; continue heading SW along Clear Creek


Location: 38.9597587585449, -106.46070098877

Sign the trail register @ trailhead, then head S


Location: 38.9553489685059, -106.46070098877

Enter a clearing and cross creek on a wide log; begin switchback climb, heading E, on rocky trail flanked with boulders; striking views of the surrounding mountains and a large U-shaped glacial valley


Location: 38.9543609619141, -106.457000732422

Climb steep trail on tight switchbacks; rushing creek can still be heard through thinning forest


Location: 38.9528007507324, -106.456199645996

Stone steps lead the way up the trail. Pass by rocky outcrops; look for trees growing out of rocks


Location: 38.9519882202148, -106.451698303223

Head E through sparse trees; Huron's summit becomes visible to the SE


Location: 38.952579498291, -106.444602966309

Enjoy brief stretch of relatively flat trail as you pass by a small pond on R; squint to find people on summit; continue E through grass and short shrubs


Location: 38.9528999328613, -106.441398620605

Cross a creek as trail steepens toward ridge; trail makes a hairpin turn @ boulder field


Location: 38.9522895812988, -106.440902709961

Trail zigs to the L next to a deep, rocky chasm on L


Location: 38.9502792358398, -106.439300537109

Follow cairns up Huron's NW slopes


Location: 38.9482116699219, -106.437896728516

Begin summit scramble over boulders and talus; occasional blades of grass, moss, and lichens dot the ground; scan the summit for mountain goats


Location: 38.9455108642578, -106.438102722168

Huron Peak (14,003 ft.): Look around; summit is engulfed in a sea of Sawatch peaks. Neighboring 14ers Missouri Mtn., Mt. Oxford and Mt. Belford rise to the NE