Colorado 14ers: Grays and Torreys Peaks

Lasso two 14ers in 3 hours during the most moderate (and popular) 5-mile ascent you'll find in Colorado's Front Range.

Only an hour’s drive from Denver, the moderate 5-mile climb to Torreys and Grays Peak is littered with weekend warriors, families, and trail runners. Stevens Gulch, a lush, green meadow filled with Indian paintbrush, welcomes hikers during the first few miles. Take the sandy Stevens Gulch Trail through the meadow and watch for mountain goats on the surrounding cliffs. The Continental Divide forms a huge wall to your left; Kelso Ridge to your right. After bearing left up the switchback-heavy Grays Peak Trail, be aware of talus beneath your feet. Trekking poles provide added balance. Pass Dead Dog, a twisting, hook-like rock formation (800 feet below and half a mile away from Grays’ summit), and continue up the switchbacks until you reach 14,270-foot Grays Peak. Copper Mountain, Ruby Mountain, Peruvian Mine, and Argentine Pass are the most immediate feature to the west. Turn toward the north face of Grays and walk along the saddle's trail up the south face of 14,267-foot Torreys Peak. Savor views of the Front Range, then retrace your steps down Torreys. Turn left at the first trail junction and follow the spur trail back to Stevens Gulch Trail. -Mapped by Stephanie Porter and Timm Paxson

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 8.2


First views of Grays and Torreys

Location: 39.654705, -105.788353

©Timm Paxson

Looking back down Stevens Gulch toward the trailhead

Location: 39.6476707, -105.7998352

©Timm Paxson

Torreys Peak

Location: 39.6473961, -105.800499

©Timm Paxson

Looking down Stevens Gulch from Grays south face

Location: 39.6383247, -105.8126984

©Timm Paxson

Summit views from Torreys

Location: 39.6427231, -105.8212738

Looking east from Torreys summit. Mount Evans and the trail up Grays can be seen in the distance.
©Timm Paxson

Chihuahua Lake

Location: 39.6338196, -105.8175888

Looking west from Grays summit down at Chihuahua Lake.
©Timm Paxson

Stevens Gulch

Location: 39.6427803, -105.8212204

Stevens Gulch from the summit of Torreys Peak. The trail is visible in the valley floor.
©Timm Paxson

The summit of Grays Peak from Torreys south face

Location: 39.6404686, -105.8199539

©Timm Paxson

Kelso Ridge

Location: 39.6397552, -105.8193512

Views from Gray's-Torrey's saddle.
©Timm Paxson

Torreys Peak

Location: 39.6388206, -105.8190765

Torreys summit from the saddle between Grays and Torreys.
©Timm Paxson

Western views from Grays summit

Location: 39.633873, -105.8177567

©Timm Paxson

Torreys Peak

Location: 39.6471748, -105.8011551

©Stephanie Porter

Mountain goats

Location: 39.6401939, -105.8111649

©Stephanie Porter


Location: 39.6609306, -105.7845993

From Stevens Gulch Trailhead, head SW on wide trail


Location: 39.6605797, -105.7848969

Cross bridge; follow wide, rocky trail through gulch punctuated with flowers


Location: 39.6548195, -105.7881012

Look to the SW: first views of Grays and Torreys standing side by side.


Location: 39.6553001, -105.7925034

Follow switchback as it curves gently to the L through open willows. Hike along the SE base of Kelso Mtn. Steep, grassy slopes rise to the R.


Location: 39.6477242, -105.7998352

Pass a large trail sign showing a map of the area.


Location: 39.6469193, -105.805397

Trail curves to the SW. The saddle connecting Kelso Mtn. and Torreys can be seen to the N. Look for mining remnants near the top of the saddle.


Location: 39.6448593, -105.8090973

Picturesque views of Torreys to the right. On the left, the famous Dead Dog Couloir crests to the north of Grays' summit.


Location: 39.6427307, -105.8094025

Trail swings to the R and traverses beneath steep, rocky slopes


Location: 39.6411209, -105.810997

Stay straight, heading SW on wide trail. Numerous side trails veer off steeply to the L.


Location: 39.6403046, -105.8112183

Follow trail as it ascends through open, alpine meadows. Keep an eye out for mountain goats sunning themselves on nearby rocks


Location: 39.6378708, -105.8132019

To summit Grays, bear L @ marked junction and head SE. The trail to the R leads to the Grays-Torrey's saddle.


Location: 39.6360817, -105.8119965

Begin the long traverse across talus-covered slopes towards the saddle.


Location: 39.6357994, -105.8171005

Follow switchbacks for final summit climb. Numerous side trails intersect path. Follow the widest path to stay on the main trail.


Location: 39.6338196, -105.8175964

Grays Peak (14,270 ft.): A cairn marks the summit; sign the register, then head N along the Continental Divide to summit Torreys Peak


Location: 39.6375885, -105.8186035

Stay straight @ jct. with trail that traverses Grays N slopes


Location: 39.6382408, -105.8189926

Continue N on saddle.


Location: 39.6427727, -105.8212509

Torreys Peak (14,267 ft.): Windy summit views of Grizzly Peak to the W and Grays Peak to the S. Retrace steps down the summit and along the saddle. Turn L at the first junction and begin the descent down the mountain.