Clinic: Beginning Navigation - Backpacker

Clinic: Beginning Navigation

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Group: Sierra Club

When: Saturday, May 19, 8 am-4 pm

Where: Register for location

Cost: $25 deposit will be refunded at trailhead (registration required)

DetailsNavigation: Beginning Clinic: Spend the day one-on-one with an instructor, learning/practicing map and compass in our local mountains. Beginners to rusty old-timers welcome and practice is available at all skill levels. Not a checkout, but it will help you prepare. Many expert leaders will attend; many I-rated leaders started here in the past. 4 mi, 500' gain. Send sase, phones, rideshare info, $25 deposit, refunded at trailhead (Sierra Club) to Leader: Diane Dunbar. Co-Ldr: Richard Boardman 

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