Cincinnati: Trail Ridge Loop

City life getting dull? Just minutes from downtown, this 3.8-mile rollercoaster loop follows the steep ravines and trickling streams of Mt. Airy Forest.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 6.1



Location: 39.1663818359375, -84.5698318481445

From parking lot, head W on short spur


Location: 39.1659469604492, -84.5703201293945

L @ T onto Furnas Trail (aka Overlook Trail), a section of the E Trail snaking along ridge above Cedar Ravine to Areas 22 and 23


Location: 39.1631507873535, -84.5674667358398

Cut E through Scotch Pine Ravine


Location: 39.1633987426758, -84.5653228759766

Tree-sheltered lookout @ Area 23 on Ponderosa Ridge scans West Fork and bustling I-74. Cross open area, reenter woods, and turn L on Ponderosa Trail bearing N


Location: 39.1654510498047, -84.5681533813476

R @ Y onto Ponderosa Trail, paralleling ridge above the long draw of White Ash Ravine through mature forest of ash, cherry, and maple


Location: 39.1684989929199, -84.5670318603516

Straight @ 4-way looping around Area 19 on Stone Steps Ridge


Location: 39.1696090698242, -84.5665817260742

Reach open woodland in headwaters of Linden Ravine; watch for white-tailed deer scooting through oak stands. Go R @ Y to wrap around sharp point of Hidden Ridge


Location: 39.1686515808106, -84.562370300293

L onto Red Oak Trail, hiking up Red Oak Ravine


Location: 39.172721862793, -84.5683135986328

Cross Trail Ridge Rd., and reenter woods on Twin Bridge Trail (signed"E") just L of radio tower


Location: 39.1698913574219, -84.5729064941406

L @ 4-way on bluff's edge into Cedar Ravine, then take 2nd L back onto Furnas Trail, skirting steep hillsides over Hawthorne Ravine. Close loop @ WPT 2; return to car