Cincinnati: Taylorsville Loop

Get far away from it all on this 4-mile loop through wooded ravines and giant rock outcroppings abutting the Great Miami River.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 6.4



Location: 39.874210357666, -84.161506652832

Go N into open grassy area


Location: 39.875560760498, -84.1609268188476

Bear L @ T toward Great Miami River; views of dam


Location: 39.8804206848144, -84.1591720581055

L @ T, following orange blazes


Location: 39.8844795227051, -84.1571884155274

Overlook of Great Miami River's mellow, forested bends


Location: 39.8867988586426, -84.1569519042969

Trail hits flat spot. Walk slowly and listen: Deer hide in thick undergrowth. Continue N, staying with orange-blazed trail @ next four turns.


Location: 39.894889831543, -84.1582183837891

L @ Y on unmarked .2-mi. out-and-back trail through walnut stands to a secluded spot where woodland meets farm.


Location: 39.8974990844727, -84.1596984863281

Pause in a deep glen of cedar and pines; return to orange-marked trail @ WPT 6 and go L.


Location: 39.8953094482422, -84.1580276489258

A knoll provides overlooks of the farm fields of the Miami River Valley


Location: 39.8903503417969, -84.1550064086914

L @ Y (orange blazes)


Location: 39.885871887207, -84.1551971435547

Keep L past picnic area


Location: 39.8826789855957, -84.1551666259766

Under dolomite outcrops, look for water-carved bivys, even caverns


Location: 39.8802909851074, -84.1574935913086

L @ Y; go .5 mi along sloping ridgeline back to WPT 2; return to car

Taylorsville Dam

Location: 39.8766021728516, -84.1613006591797

View from edge of Great Miami River. ©Steve Bangs

Along the shores of the Great Miami

Location: 39.8857612609863, -84.1568984985352

View of overhanging trees and leaves beginning to turn. ©Steve Bangs

Dolomite outcrop

Location: 39.8828315734863, -84.154914855957

Stacked pile of Brassfield dolomite with exposed rock face behind. Over the years, tons of stone has tumbled down due to erosion of the softer, underlying shale layers. Stairs lead above to small water-carved caverns. ©Steve Bangs

Deer hideout

Location: 39.8886222839356, -84.1567993164062

Flat section of trail. Watch and listen for whitetail deer in the thick undergrowth. ©Steve Bangs

Valley view

Location: 39.8949508666992, -84.1581878662109

Lower river valley field and woodlands. ©Steve Bangs