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Chile: Private Patagonia

Explore Chile's mind-bending terrain without joining the throngs on the popular trekker circuit. On this paddle/hike/horse adventure, you'll have glacier-chiseled fjords, sky-piercing mountains, and best-ever camping all to yourself.


The author circles Lago Geike (Photo by Jorg Badura)


The author circles Lago Geike. (Jorg Badura)

Fjord De Las Montanas

[kayak , hike, ice climb]

Cordillera Baguales

[hike , backpack, horseback ride, fly-fish]

Puerto Toro

[backpack , kayak]

Multisport Skills

Manage a kayak in rough weather; pack smart for every sport; get rescue insurance

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Get thereFly to Punta Arenas (four flights/week from Santiago during high-tourist season, December through February) and take a bus or taxi three hours to Natales. 

Season/Gear Fall and spring (Natales gets more crowded during South America’s summer, December to March). Pack for cold and wet weather; it rains an average of 200 inches annually, average relative humidity is 75 percent, and the record high temperature is 89°F. Bring a synthetic (not down) sleeping bag, waterproof gloves, and three-layer raingear. This is not a place to experiment with ultralight.

MapsPatagonia Sur & Tierra Del Fuego ($7,

InfoFind the outfitters mentioned—plus other guides and tour operators in the region—at The site also lists hotels, hostels, and restaurants. For general info, see