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Chautauqua trail to Ski Jump trail Loop

This easy mile and a quarter loop gets high enough to get a nice view of Boulder, and lots of linking trail options easily lengthen the hike.

 This is one of the simplest and most accessible loops in the Boulder trail system. Start from the Chautauqua Park parking lot, where a detailed information board provides a posted map. You can also pick up a map of the extensive trail system to take with you.

Go up the Chautauqua trail. To do a clockwise loop as described here, remain on the Chautauqua trail, passing by the Ski Jump trail on your right. This is where you will come out to return to the parking lot. Continue up into the woods facing the Flatirons. The tree branches will begin to frame the Flatirons for some great photos.

From here, continue to turn right at the next two junctions and follow the signs for the Ski Jump trail. The trail will crest then start to descend, and views of Boulder will peek through the branches of the trees until you clear the woods and are just above the Chautauqua trail. The parking lot where you started will be visible. Return to the Chautauqua trail, turn left and return to the parking lot. 

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