Charlotte, NC: Robinson Rockhouse Ruins, Reedy Creek

Enjoy a short hike to 200-year-old ruins along Reedy Creek on the Robinson Rockhouse Trail in Charlotte.

Enjoy a short hike to 200-year-old ruins along Reedy Creek. This area of the park is fairly isolated, so prepare for solitude. BY MATT CLAPP

Trip Stats
Distance: 4.3 miles
Time: 1.5 hours
Distance from Uptown Charlotte: 20 minutes
More Info: Best Hikes Near Charlotte by Jennifer Pharr Davis

1. Enter "Reedy Creek Park" into Google Maps
2. If you play disc golf, bring a disc and play a round on the way back.

Mile 0.0: From parking lot at the dog park, which is on your left if you're facing the kiosk, walk south along the fence (to your left).
0.15: Cross the asphalt road and continue left at the fork immediately after the road. The baseball diamond will be on your right.
0.3: At the fork, veer left to stay close to the soccer field on your left. After a hundred feet you reach another fork, stay left.
0.4: At the concrete slab for hole 14 of the disc golf course, turn right to stay on the trail.
0.6: At the picnic pavilion, continue straight, as if you walked directly through the pavilion. A few hundred feet later, upon reaching the restrooms, turn left down the wide dirt road.
0.9: Upon reaching the T junction with the sign for the Sassafras Trail, turn left.
1.0: Upon reaching a junction with the Sierra Loop Trail, turn left and begin following the blazes of the red triangle with the white hiker. After a few hundred feet, ignore the faint spur trail to you left and stay on the main trail to the right.
1.3: Cross a wooden bridge and immediately turn right.
1.9: Upon reaching the Robinson Rockhouse Ruins Trail sign, just before the bridge, turn left.
2.2: Arrive at Robinson Rockhouse Ruins. Explore and return the way you came.
2.5: At the Robinson Rockhouse Trail Luo turn right onto the Sierra Trail.
3.1: Cross the bridge
3.5: At the Sierra Loop Trail, turn right.
3.6: At the Sassafras Trail, turn right.
3.65: At the restrooms, turn right towards the pavilion. At the pavilion, continue straight to the trail past it on the right.
3.85: At the fork, veer left staying close to the disc golf area.
4.0: At the soccer field, you may see people playing cricket on the weekend. Sit and watch a match.
4.1: At the baseball diamond, stay right and walk a semi-circle round it, keeping it to your left until reach the asphalt road.
4.3: Cross the asphalt road.

1. Play a round of disc golf if you brought a disc.
2. Watch a cricket match on the weekend on your hike back.
3. On your drive home, stop by New Century Oriental Food Supermarket at Asian Corner Mall. Buy a bunch of frozen dumplings and invite friends over later for dim sum by steaming them in a pot or rice cooker.
4. Grab some tacos or a burrito at Phat Burrito.

My Day
Weather: 43 and sunny
Drink: Homemade ginger tea with honey
Song: Indi Groove by Chinese Man
Water: 16 oz.

Trail Facts

  • State: NC
  • City: Charlotte
  • Distance: 4.3
  • Contact: (704) 432-6460
  • Land Type: Other