Charlotte, NC: Living History Farm, Kings Mountain

Explore well-preserved Living History Farm on this short hike near Charlotte.

Perfect for an after-work jaunt, this short stroll to the living History Farm on Kings Mountain makes up for lack of miles with pretty scenery. BY MATT CLAPP

Trip Details
Hiking Distance: 1.6 miles
Hiking Time: 1.5 hrs (including exploring the farm)
Distance from Uptown: 40 minutes
More Info: State Park Info

1. Drive to intersection of Park Rd. and Lake Crawford Rd. Drive to the right to the parking lot for Lake Crawford.
2. Bring $2 for entry to the park.

Mile 0.0: Start at the trailhead at the downhill edge of the parking lot. Follow the trail down to the base of the dam.
0.1: Follow the Farm Trail with yellow squares up the hill to the left of the sign listing all the trails.
0.25: Cross a small wooden bridge.
0.6: Cross an asphalt road.
0.75: Cross an asphalt road and continue on the gravel trail to the right, behind the wooden bathroom.
0.8: Arrive at the living history farm. Explore, feed the chickens, and turn around to return the way you came.

1. Wander around the Living History Farm! Feed the horses and chickens. Check out 200-year-old farm equipment, including a cotton gin.

My Day
Weather: 55 and partly overcast
Drink: Carbonated water before the hike
Song: I Need Your Love by Shaggy—"And every time you think of me, I'll want your big bright smile..."
Water: none (it's only 1.5 miles)

Trail Facts

  • State: NC
  • City: Charlotte, NC
  • Distance: 1.6
  • Contact: 803-222-3209
  • Land Type: State Park