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Central Rockies: Mount of the Holy Cross Loop, CO

Scramble to a remote refuge on this peak's secret side.

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Want to explore one of the most sublime spots in all of the Rockies? You will on this 12-mile loop that tops out on 14,005-foot Holy Cross. The clockwise route skirts the peak’s spectacular, cross-shaped eastern cirque, ascending Notch Mountain, Halo Ridge, and Holy Cross Ridge, with in-your-face-views of the mountain all the while, and descending the standard North Ridge Trail (which gets heavy traffic).

From the trailhead at 10,300 feet, follow the Fall Creek Trail southwest for three miles, climbing switchbacks to gain the south shoulder of Notch Mountain (note: the emergency shelter located here is currently closed due to structural issues). To reach the summit from the Notch Mountain shelter, continue west, hugging the trailless ridgeline south, then west, then looping north to gain the summit after 2.75 miles and another 1,000 feet. For your descent, hop boulders and faint trail down the North Ridge, making sure you turn north at 13,400 feet to follow the ridgeline.

The Way

From Minturn, drive 2.85 miles south on US 24. Turn west on Tigiwon Road (high clearance) and continue eight miles to the trailhead.


USGS quad Mount of the Holy Cross ($8, store.usgs.gov)

Contact (970) 827-5715; fs.fed.us/r2/whiteriver

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