Caribou Country: Video, Photos, and GPS Trip

Paddle out to Ontario's Slate Islands where canoe and caribou are a plenty in this video of these majestic animals and marvel at a slideshow of close-up images.

In their travels to Lake Superior's Slate Islands, writer Gustave Axelson and photographer Layne Kennedy hoped for a glimpse of a few woodland caribou. They got that—and a lot more.

Reindeer Games: Tracking Caribou in the Slate Islands
Happy coincidence for wildlife-loving paddlers: Canoes and woodland caribou converge like nowhere else on Earth in Ontario's Slate Islands.

VIDEO: Caribou on the Move

Gustave Axelson catches more than a little glimpse of caribou in the wild in this on the scene video.


PHOTOS: Caribou in the Wild

See photographer Layne Kennedy’s images of caribou in the wild right here.


GPS TRIP: Paddle the Slate Islands

This multi-day paddling trip tours Slate Islands Provincial Park, a group of islands off the coast of Ontario and home to the world's densest population woodland caribou.