Capitol Reef National Park: Chimney Rock to Fremont River

Pinched slot canyons, neck-craning cliffs and cottonwood groves highlight this strenuous 9.9-mile shuttle hike in Utah's redrock country.
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Mapped by Steve Howe

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 15.9



Location: 38.315716, -111.304016

Follow Chimney Rock Loop Trail to the NE


Location: 38.317551, -111.298302

Stay L @ marked Y, heading E where Chimney Rock Loop Trail diverges. Ahead, wrinkled slopes on R rise up to Mummy Cliff


Location: 38.317368, -111.284897

L @ T, leaving Chimney Rock Loop Trail. Follow canyon's course NE


Location: 38.319149, -111.281754

Stay R, heading NE in rocky wash. Large side canyon on L offers good bouldering with sandy landings


Location: 38.323051, -111.27375

Turn R (E) where another side canyon enters on L


Location: 38.324383, -111.263481

Turn R (SE) @ signed Y with Spring Canyon and walk downstream


Location: 38.319168, -111.25042

Navigate the narrows: Go L, and connect cairns on exposed footpath along slickrock bench. Note: This route bypasses two 10-ft. dry falls that require steep down-climbs and murky pool swims


Location: 38.317184, -111.247169

Narrows end; steep bypass trail descends back to wash


Location: 38.313282, -111.242699

Stay L (E) where side canyon merges with Spring Canyon. In next mi., pass occasional cottonwood groves


Location: 38.307957, -111.22683

Springs emerge from boulder pile and flow .25 mi. down canyon; water quality improves downstream (safer drinking water)


Location: 38.298847, -111.212692

Spring Canyon snakes to the S toward the Fremont River


Location: 38.285183, -111.197815

Ford knee-deep Fremont River (caution: river may be deeper, faster during flood conditions). In 400 ft., turn R onto UT 24


Location: 38.283634, -111.199203

Pick up 2nd car @ unmarked turnout (E of milepost 83) for 7-mi. ride back to trailhead

Rock Monolith

Location: 38.317497, -111.24897

Rock-Strewn Wash

Location: 38.318871, -111.250069

The Narrows

Location: 38.318001, -111.250069

Spring Canyon

Location: 38.301453, -111.222343

Cottonwood Grove

Location: 38.307865, -111.226006

Lone Boulder

Location: 38.306034, -111.225731

Rising Rock Formations

Location: 38.301819, -111.21804

Sandy Wash

Location: 38.298523, -111.21199

Canyon Walls

Location: 38.296692, -111.21254