Burlington, VT: Lake Mansfield Trail

A stiff, 1.8-mile climb to the Taylor Lodge shelter on Vermont's Long Trail, this 3.6-mile out-and-back works as both a half-day hike and a challenging trail run.

From the Lake Mansfield Trout Club, this 3.6-mile out-and-back route tops out at Taylor Lodge, a well-equipped shelter along the Long Trail. Start by hiking west on the Lake Mansfield Trail; the trail meanders in and out of the woods, affording nice views of the lake as it climbs gradually. Just past mile 1, the grade stiffens as the trail gains approximately 500 feet over just half a mile. Near the top of the climb, the trail passes a peaceful overlook of a forest waterall. Approaching Nebraska Notch, the trail crosses over a small creek and wanders past a beaver pond. Tour the Long Trail a bit at the top, or just take a breather at the Taylor Lodge front porch before heading back down to the Trout Club.
-Mapped by Berne Broudy, AuthenticOutdoors.com

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 5.8



Location: 44.4729605, -72.8095722

Starting from the Trout Club parking lot, the Lake Mansfield Trail ducks into the woods and heads up to Nebraska Notch, the Long Trail, and the Taylor Lodge shelter. Start by hiking west along the north shore of Lake Mansfield on fairly level terrain.


Location: 44.473573, -72.8132844

The trail pops out of the woods, connecting with the
a grassy path that runs back towards the Trout Club. This path is closed to hikers. Continue hiking west; ahead, the trail re-enters the woods.


Location: 44.481213, -72.825129

About 1 mile in, the hike turns uphill at a much steeper grade. Gaining 500 feet in less than half a mile, the trail has an almost staircase like feel at points. On the way up to Nebraska Notch, the trail crosses over a small stream and wanders by a beaver meadow.


Location: 44.4840605, -72.8230047

Near the top of the climb the trail passes by a scenic forest waterfall.


Location: 44.4873059, -72.8293347

A well-established shelter along Vermont's Long Trail, Taylor Lodge features an enclosed bunk room and a nice front porch for relaxing (on warmer nights). A trail sign at the lodge directs you back to the Lake Mansfield Trail. Alternatively, the Clara Bow Trail leads down a rugged path to the Long Trail.

Lake Mansfield Trout Club

Location: 44.4732362, -72.8106451

Lake Views

Location: 44.4735424, -72.812984

At the beginning of the hike, Lake Mansfield is intermittently visible from the trail. Here, you can see the Trout Club from the trees.

Lake Mansfield Trail

Location: 44.4727921, -72.8161168

The Lake Mansfield Trail near the beginning of the hike.

An Old House Foundation

Location: 44.4779826, -72.8223825

Climbing Towards the Waterfall

Location: 44.481213, -72.8249359

Trail Waterfall

Location: 44.4840452, -72.822876

Approaching Taylor Lodge

Location: 44.4872447, -72.8281116

Taylor Lodge Trail Sign

Location: 44.4872447, -72.8290129

Taylor Lodge

Location: 44.4872753, -72.829206