Breckenridge, CO: Mohawk Lakes

Five-star mountain views, two alpine lakes, and gold mine relics highlight this 4.5-mile out-and-back dayhike south of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Gold prospectors hiked along Spruce Creek to Mohawk Lakes long before hiking became a leisure sport in the Colorado Rockies. In fact, the lakes were named after one such prospector. Today, the miners are long gone but signs of their existence still remain: weather-beaten cabins, rusty mine carts, and pieces of a trolley apparatus. 

To start, hike 0.4 mile on the Wheeler Trail then turn right on the Spruce Creek Trail toward Mohawk Lakes. The trail passes a series of marshy bogs then gently climbs a trail with exposed and slick tree roots . At mile 0.9, cross a gravel road. This is the upper trailhead for Mohawk Lakes but only 4x4s with fat tires can make it here.

Keep climbing and veer left at the 3-way junction to Mayflower Lakes. The trail passes old log cabins, crosses a creeklet, then swiftly climbs to a cabin restored in the late-1980s. Take a peak inside to see the dusty bunks, old stove, and watertight boxes with hundreds of journal entries.

Next, the trail switchbacks to several viewpoints of Continental Falls. Keep on eye on the ground for a rusty cable that miners used to run an ore trolley along this hillside. The trail ascends to the gear shaft of the trolley mechanism. It's another 100 feet to the windy banks Lower Mohawk Lake. Look closely for another hidden treasure: Near the creek outlet is a rusty cable car with only two wheels.

Now, climb south around the headwall to Upper Mohawk Lake. Continue on to a highpoint above the lake for snow-streaked views of the Continental Divide and Pacific Peak (13,950 feet). Swing 180 degrees and grab more wide-angle views over Lower Mohawk Lake and into the Blue River valley. Return to trailhead.
-Mapped by Kris Wagner

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 7.2



Location: 39.4282916, -106.0697284

Trailhead: The trail descends to Spruce Creek.


Location: 39.4236631, -106.0676765

Turn right (southwest) toward Mohawk Lakes.


Location: 39.421558, -106.073674

Cross road; this is also an alternate trailhead for Mohawk Lakes.


Location: 39.4209405, -106.0827506

Overlook of Continental Falls; look for the old rusty trolley cable.


Location: 39.4214088, -106.0861301

Lower Mohawk Lake


Location: 39.4190425, -106.0897028

Upper Mohawk Lake


Location: 39.4198175, -106.0903788

The Continental Divide forms a slanted ridgeline up Pacific Peak; nice long views over Lower Mohawk Lake too.

The Divide

Location: 39.4197305, -106.0904431

Restored Cabin

Location: 39.4206795, -106.0805082

Rusty Ore Cart

Location: 39.4214129, -106.0860658

Lower Mohawk

Location: 39.4198216, -106.0903412