Bozeman: Blue Lake Trail

Camp near an alpine lake beneath the fabled crags of the Crazy Mountains and watch frothing streams tumble over multiple falls on this 9.6-mile overnight.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 7.7



Location: 46.0425491333008, -110.239479064941

From parking lot before Half Moon campground, head W on Blue Lake Trail into Big Timber Canyon's lush alpine meadow. In the distance are the Crazy Mountains, seen in The Horse Whisperer and A River Runs Through It


Location: 46.0412635803223, -110.246841430664

Veer L @ Y, following dull rumble to Big Timber Falls overlook, where river cascades in white-crested surges down a series of sloping rock slides


Location: 46.0399055480957, -110.253425598145

Cross on footbridge; wide path weaves toward the snowcapped Crazy Mountains, a range so dubbed for its maze of sawtoothed ridges, vertical peaks, and howling winds


Location: 46.0397682189941, -110.274101257324

Second bridge crossing; swim in the creek or enjoy lunch in the shade of the alluring canopy of Douglas firs


Location: 46.043830871582, -110.288200378418

Bear L @ Y; amble over rocks and fallen trees at next river crossing, then head into moderate 8-switchback ascent


Location: 46.0380706787109, -110.289497375488

Enter valley of snow-fed lakes; cross isthmus between 2 clear pools


Location: 46.0357093811035, -110.290901184082

Go over 2nd isthmus; ahead, talus fields stream from broken cliffs


Location: 46.0328788757324, -110.291198730469

Camp @ Blue Lake, nestled in a Crazies nook; 11,214-ft. Crazy Peak dominates the scene to the S


Location: 46.0279808044434, -110.290802001953

Next day: Scramble .5 mi. up scree-riddled hillside next to Blue Lake for views of glaciated landscape. Watch for mountain goats; backtrack to trailhead