Boston: Ispwich Water Trail

Paddle this 11.5-mile loop through open bays and protected salt marshes to beaches with giant sand dunes and historic buildings from the late 1700s.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 18.4



Location: 42.6987152099609, -70.7922134399414

Launch from N end of beach, then head SE toward Castle Neck, passing red marker #10


Location: 42.6918678283691, -70.7798309326172

L at swimming beach leading to historic Crane Estate; continue SE along exposed coast, with Castle Neck on R


Location: 42.6895713806152, -70.7666473388672

Atlantic winds form sand dunes on S end of Crane Beach-?home to piping plovers, herons, egrets, sandpipers. Caution: Whitecaps can form around sandbars


Location: 42.670783996582, -70.7301025390625

Paddle R around SE tip of Castle Neck; good picnic pull-over. Turn W to enter Essex River, then WNW toward Choate Island. Sidetrip: Dock on NE side, explore


Location: 42.6632347106934, -70.745719909668

Paddle toward SE tip of Choate; bear L, head clockwise around island


Location: 42.6736335754394, -70.7699661254883

Turn L, heading W along Castle Neck River with Castle Neck on R; continue along main channel with salt marshes on L


Location: 42.6724510192871, -70.7836151123047

R @ T; take narrow, unmarked channel (Fox Creek) under bridge; best traveled within 2-3 hours of high tide


Location: 42.6804733276367, -70.7852554321289

L @ T; continue following Fox Creek


Location: 42.6840515136719, -70.7880477905274

R @ end of Fox Creek, marked by Little Neck peninsula


Location: 42.693733215332, -70.7886505126953

L around SE tip of Little Neck; continue NNW, return to Pavilion Beach


Location: 42.6642417907715, -70.7679672241211

Detour: Explore small bay, salt marshes off NNW side of Choate, then bear R around N side toward Castle Neck. Keep map handy; maze of channels tests nav skills