Boise: Sleeping Deer to Mid-Salmon River Loop

Set aside a long weekend for great fishing on this 32.4-mile loop in the remote Salmon River Mountains, where crystal waters attract elk, moose, and bears.
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-Mapped by Caitlin May

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 50.6



Location: 44.751671, -114.682331


Location: 44.762939, -114.684906

Turn R @ 4-way, descend steep talus slope. Option: Add 1 mile to Sleeping Deer lookout for views of Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness


Location: 44.793446, -114.69075

Swing W, then descend


Location: 44.799179, -114.771469

Break @ canopy opening during steep descent along Cache Creek


Location: 44.803318, -114.799896

Cautiously ford shallow-but-swift Cache Creek several times


Location: 44.801479, -114.806931

Cross private land, then Lower Loon Creek Bridge. Turn R; go .5 mi. to Middle Fork of Salmon River for 5-star camping, swimming, fi shing. Turn back SE to hike up Loon Creek


Location: 44.787357, -114.804214

Bennett Creek Bridge; cool off in creek after steamy canyon climb


Location: 44.729382, -114.80983

Landslide zone: Carefully scramble up L side of riverbank or ford creek


Location: 44.700001, -114.764366

Wind around sylvan hillsides, then pass Falcon-
berry landing strip


Location: 44.695621, -114.757042

Stay L @ bridge; ranger station is across river. L @ Cabin Creek; trail is intermittent, much bushwhacking


Location: 44.707516, -114.722282

Hike along creek, passing scree slope, fending off thorny overgrowth


Location: 44.713799, -114.716881

Awesome campsite with massive stumps for backcountry dining


Location: 44.748283, -114.703087

View of high peaks spanning horizon well worth the 5,000-ft. gain


Location: 44.759968, -114.692215

Cross several springs, Cabin Creek headwaters. Best views on loop

Sleeping Deer-Mid Salmon

Location: 44.751701, -114.681945

View south into the Frank Church- River of No Return Wilderness from Sleeping Deer Trailhead
©Caitlin May

Sleeping Deer-Mid Salmon

Location: 44.751141, -114.818428

The majestic Loon Creek has it all; swimming, fishing, camping, and rafting in the spring
©Caitlin May

Sleeping Deer-Mid Salmon

Location: 44.709869, -114.779587

Hiking the crinkly golden hillsides above Loon Creek
©Caitlin May

Sleeping Deer-Mid Fork Salmon

Location: 44.700565, -114.765022

The remnants of an old camp at Falconberry landing strip
©Caitlin May

Sleeping Deer-Mid Salmon

Location: 44.760044, -114.690971

The worthy reward of 5,000 ft. vertical
©Caitlin May