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Black Tie and Tennis Shoes Gala

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Group: Colorado Outward Bound School

When: Wednesday, October 25, 6–9 pm


Mile High Station

Cost: $200-plus


Each year, Colorado Outward Bound School and our community come together to support and celebrate our students and our mission through the Black Tie and Tennis Shoes gala. This year, we are thrilled to host Peter Metcalf in a discussion about choosing to lead. Peter Metcalf, Founder and long-time former CEO/President of Black Diamond, Pioneer Alaskan Alpinist and lifetime climber, has been and remains an active advocate and leader, statewide and nationally for over 20 years, in public policy formulation relative to our public lands, recreation and quality of life issues, exemplifying what it means to be an active citizen.

As the public lands discussion continues, COBS is ever aware of our role as environmental educators and stewards, and the importance of protecting these lands for our programming and future students, and for the outdoor community at large. The wilderness classroom is critical to our students’ development, and to COBS as an institution. It is through these public lands that we create lifelong lessons tied to our five tenets, and develop the next generation of environmental stewards.

Last year with legendary climber and adventurer, Erik Weihenmayer, we talked about living a life of “No Barriers,” and the tenacity it takes to challenge possibility. This year, our journey continues as we discuss how we can channel this tenacity and leadership, and translate it into action in service of our community.

In addition to the keynote presentation, this year’s event will include a student speaker, a silent and live auction, opportunities to directly support our scholarship students, time to catch up with new friends and old, food, drinks and much, much more. We hope to see you there!

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