Olympic National Park

The Best National Park Campsites: Hart Lake

Olympic National Park, Washington

hart lake
Photo by: Ben Benvie

A good night starts with a good plan. And the best plans are often made on the fly. That’s how you end up planning to camp at Marmot Lake, but see Hart Lake— smaller, more private, and nestled higher on the mountain—on the map and think, I wonder. It’s the spirit of adventure that costs sweat and scraped shins and pays off in backcountry glory. You’ll be plenty tired to enjoy a long night: Hart Lake lies near the halfway point of a 55.9-mile lollipop loop that traces the Quinalt River, then crosses three passes in a 23.1-mile circumnavigation of 6,400-foot White Mountain. Trailhead Graves Creek Season Mid-summer to fall Permit $5/person per night; walk-in only