Best 100 Miles: Scout Lookout to Angels Landing, Zion NP, UT

This half-mile of thrilling scramble is among the best 100 miles of trail in the whole national park system.

Angels Landing, Zion NP. Photo by


1/2 Mile / Aerie

Maybe they should have called this spot the Zion Narrows: the 400-foot, chain-assisted final push up this classic summit crosses an exposed rock fin just a few feet wide with 1,000-foot drop-offs on either side. The scramble up is every bit as thrilling as the eagle-eye view over Zion Canyon you get from the crest of 5,790-foot Angels Landing. Set off at dawn to have it to yourself.

Trailhead 37.259282, -112.951298
Total hike 5 miles (out and back).

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