Best 100 Miles: Precipice Trail, Acadia National Park, ME

This mile of heart-pounding mountain climbing is among the best 100 miles of trail in the whole national park system.
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precipice trail best 100 miles

The view from Champlain Mountain is your reward for a tough hike on the Precipice Trail. Photo by Sarah Nichols / Flickr

1 mile / Hang On

Why simply hike a mountain when you can climb it? With ladders, iron rungs, and slender rock ridges to help you hoist yourself 1,000 hair-raising feet, this route is more like a jungle gym than a trail. Luckily, you don’t need special gear to scale Champlain Mountain on the Precipice Trail, but a strong grip and nerves of steel wouldn’t hurt. For the effort, you’ll earn big views over an Atlantic coast scattered with chunky granite islands and riddled with watery inlets. Bonus: A spiking heart rate and big dose of adrenaline come free with the terrain.

Trailhead 44.349479, -68.188075
Total hike 2.6 miles (loop via Champlain North Ridge and Orange & Black Trails)

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