Bend Trails

Bend, OR: Three Sisters Loop

A 33 mile loop around the Middle and South Sisters, in Central Oregon.

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-Mapped by David Tate


Trail Facts

  • Distance: 54.7


POI 0 Camp lake

Location: 44.1328544616699, -121.759368896484

campsite at Camp Lake

POI 1Eileen Lake

Location: 44.1383590698242, -121.849548339844

campsite at Eileen Lake

POI 3 Opie Dilldock pass

Location: 44.1907043457031, -121.794898986816

Opie Dilldock Pass

POI 4 South Matthieu Lake

Location: 44.2317390441894, -121.77303314209

South Matthieu Lake, campsite

POI 2 Sawyer Bar

Location: 44.1888160705566, -121.804244995117

Where we spent the night, fresh water, and a flat spot devoid of snow!

Collier Cone View

Location: 44.1867599487305, -121.784805297852

Looking towards the Middle Sister, Center, and the North Sister and thier associated Glaciers

North Sister

Location: 44.2082557678223, -121.791770935059

Looking back south, to the north and middle sisters, across the meadow.

Pacific Crest trail, lava beds

Location: 44.2209320068359, -121.775932312012

On the PCT, headed towards South Matthieu Lake, just north of the Yapoah crater.

South Matthieu Lake

Location: 44.2317543029785, -121.773780822754

South Matthieu Lake, looking south towards the North Sister.

North Sister

Location: 44.1900672912598, -121.736801147461

North Sister, one of the few times along this portion of the trail that we were in the open, where we could get a good view.

Squaw Creek

Location: 44.1480751037598, -121.737403869629

Taken on the North Fork of Squaw Creek, where the trail junction is to go to Demaris lake.

South Sister sunset

Location: 44.1330947875977, -121.76000213623

Taken across Camp Lake, at sunset from our campsite.

Eileen Lake

Location: 44.1387557983398, -121.849243164062

Middle sister as seen across the surface of Eileen lake.

Obsidian Falls

Location: 44.168270111084, -121.817024230957

Called Obsidian Falls because the cliff here and the surrounding terrain, is mostly pure Obsidian.

Sawyer Bar

Location: 44.1886138916016, -121.80354309082

The lava beds around Sawyer Bar, invaded by ghostly trees.