Batavia Man Died in Yellowstone Looking for Famed Treasure

At least two others have died searching for a supposed trove of jewels and gold hidden somewhere in the West.

A 53-year-old Batavia man who died in a fall at Yellowstone National Park last June was searching for the famed treasure of gold and jewels reportedly hidden somewhere in the West. Author Forrest Fenn said he hid $2 million worth in treasure, then left cryptic clues to its location in a poem. At least two other people have died looking for the loot.

Jeff Murphy was hiking along Turkey Pen Peak when he fell approximately 500 feet down a steep slope, according to a report produced by the park. The park began a search for him on June 8 after his wife reported him missing.

Thousands of hunters have been combing the western United States for the millions of dollars of gold and jewels supposedly hidden by Fenn, a New Mexican art dealer who left clues to the location of his treasure in a memoir, titled The Thrill of the Chase. In 2014, BACKPACKER correspondent Brian Mockenhaupt headed to New Mexico to try to track it down (he came back empty-handed)