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All About the Backbone Trail

Publish date:

Group: Adventure 16

When: Friday, September 15, 6:30 pm

Where: Adventure 16 West L.A. Store

Cost: Free


Come discover SoCal’s newly-completed Backbone Trail, a true hidden gem right here in our own backyard. Find the best day hikes, learn ways to through-hike it, and enjoy tips, advice and stories from the authors of The Complete Hiker’s Guide To The Backbone Trail.

Join Doug and Caroline Chamberlin, authors of the new book, as they lead you through the hidden gems of our newly-designated local national recreation trail: deep forests, waterfalls, cliffs and canyons, vistas of endless ridges, backcountry dirt roads, wildlife, million-dollar city views, and windswept peaks with panoramas looking down on a thousand square miles of Pacific Ocean.

Whether you are determined to conquer the entire trail or just a single segment, at this event you’ll learn the different ways to best experience the “BBT,” including how to tackle it as a series of unforgettable day hikes, how to choose a segment that meets your goals, and how to best through-hike the trail in spite of its very limited camping facilities.

In this fun evening, Doug and Caroline will offer tips and advice from their numerous trips along the trail, including individual segment details, what gear to bring, and a brief history of the trail’s forty-year construction. They’ll also share some stories about their experiences in creating the book, including multiple mishaps, frequently getting lost, a mountain lion encounter, and a love of the hidden beauty of our own SoCal. And of course, they will attempt to answer any question that you can think of about the Backbone Trail!

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