Atlanta, GA: Coosa Bald

Test yourself with a thigh-busting 12.7-mile hike to Coosa Bald and back.

This 12.7-mile loop starts in Vogel State Park, climbs to Burnett Gap, circles the Sosebee Creek Valley, then climbs again to 4,271-foot Coosa Bald. Pick up the Coosa Backcountry Trail by hiking past the Reece Nature Trail and crossing Burnett Branch to the first trail junction. Turn right onto the wide track and climb to Burnett Gap to start a counterclockwise loop. Descend to Sosebee Creek Valley, the hike’s low point, then begin a sharp climb through mixed forest to Coosa Bald. Take the spur trail at the campsite near mile 7 to a rocky outcrop for sweeping forest views. Continue a strenuous series of ups and downs as you cross into the Blood Mountain Wilderness, reaching Slaughter Mountain before descending through a stream-filled valley and passing a small waterfall on your way back to the state park.-Hike provided by Johnny Molloy, author of "50 Hikes in the North Georgia Mountains" (Countryman Press)

Miles from city center: 89


Vogel State Park

Location: 34.7659064, -83.9224577

Coosa Bald

Location: 34.778879, -83.9636993