Video: Our Seattle Scout and Friend Scale Peak—with Violin and Keyboard

Want a dose of pure beauty? Check out Anastasia Allison (scout, violin) and Rose Freeman (mountaineer, piano) performing summit "Ashokan Farewell."
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Anastasia Allison and Rose Freeman

Rose Freeman (@missroselouise) on piano and Anastasia Allison (@anastasia.allison) on violin.

"Months ago, I had a flash of inspiration that I needed to play my violin on the side of a mountain—I didn't know how or why, I just knew I needed to do it," says Seattle scout Anastasia Allison, who has played for 32 years. "Through a strange series of events, I ended up meeting Rose, who is a classically trained pianist and a mountaineer. I happened to mention to her that I wanted to play my violin on the side of a mountain, and she also revealed that it had been her dream to play a piano on the side of a mountain as well."

After some planning, the pair hauled their instruments several miles and several thousand feet up the side of a peak in the North Cascades, starting the ascent at 4:30 in the morning to beat the sunrise. Take a listen here.