Arizona Hot Springs / Ringbolt Hot Springs

360 degree views of the mighty Colorado River sound breathtaking? How about a soak in natural hot springs? This hike has it all! Stay for an hour or set up camp on a nearby beach to take full advantage of this easy hike just one hour from Las Vegas.
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A leisurely walk winds you a few miles down through an ancient wash, making you feel small as the canyon walls rise up around you. Marvel at the way the canyon was formed by ancient waters as you follow the wash that snakes you down to banks of the brilliantly blue Colorado River. Try not to trip as you scan the rocky enclave above for Big Horned Sheep and small Arches. Once you reach the river, you'll walk South along the banks, up and over a rocky crop and back up into another wash leading to the springs - a final climb up a rusting ladder will bring you to the 110 degree springs. The hike out is slower going as you retrace your steps, the soft sand and gravel is taxing on your calves. Make sure you wear shoes that can get wet.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 12.0



Location: 35.9772774, -114.6977348

From trailhead go West on gravel path. At trail split, stay right.


Location: 35.9755758, -114.705408

Trail decends down into Canyon wash at slight grade. Follow trail signs.


Location: 35.9743227, -114.7111222

Canyon walls raise above you. Easy rock scrambling.


Location: 35.9731447, -114.7168204

Veer South off path, scramble up to base of unnamed Arch.


Location: 35.9708104, -114.7164635

Unnamed Arch. From here head back to trail.


Location: 35.9690803, -114.722414

Wash opens up as canyon walls widen.


Location: 35.96516, -114.7258678

Canyon walls tighten, continue on trail towards river.


Location: 35.96316, -114.7292477

AT Colorado River head South. Walk parrallel to river.


Location: 35.9627243, -114.729086

Camping is possible @ this sandy beach.


Location: 35.9620785, -114.7290496

Go out on rocky overlook for views of Colorado River. From here follow path to another sandy beach.


Location: 35.9616807, -114.7285985

From beach head inland, up & over rocks. Do not follow wash back from river. Trail not obvious here, but stay close to river. After a short scramble the path begins obvious again.


Location: 35.9614179, -114.7283743

After a short climb, head away from river. Veer right through a small crevice. Minimul climbing required. Look for trail sign above (East) of you.


Location: 35.9612625, -114.7279546

Head away from river. To the left & below is the wash you'll follow.


Location: 35.9610644, -114.7275384

Veer South (right) at junction for rocky overlook or down steep, gravel path to wash below.


Location: 35.9608118, -114.7283408

Rocky overlook for Colorado River views. Head back to waypoint 15 & continue to Hot Springs.

AHS 016

Location: 35.9605078, -114.7270621

At bottom of steep decent head left towards wash you saw from above. Wash gets wetter & some scrambling required. Use caution on slippery rocks. Zig zag up wash - feet will get wet.


Location: 35.9606415, -114.7254427

Put your bags off to the side & relax in the hot springs.


Location: 35.9606182, -114.7255175

Climb up rusty, but safe ladder to Springs above.


Location: 35.9773116, -114.6974802

Trail Split

Location: 35.9759919, -114.7001839

stay right

IBeginning of Canyon Walls

Location: 35.9755404, -114.7040033


Location: 35.9754362, -114.7059774

Beginning of Canyon Walls

Location: 35.9748111, -114.7088313

Big Horned Sheep

Location: 35.973144, -114.7124147

Unnamed Arch

Location: 35.9698097, -114.7167492

Canyon Walls

Location: 35.9713379, -114.7190452

Wash Opens Up

Location: 35.9701571, -114.7215343

Back in The Canyon Again

Location: 35.9651207, -114.7264266

Sand Beach

Location: 35.9627934, -114.7288835

View of Colorado River

Location: 35.962064, -114.728862

Restrooms Ahead

Location: 35.9625503, -114.7286904

Head Away From the River

Location: 35.961378, -114.7282854

Climb up Crevice

Location: 35.9614127, -114.7279313

Trail Junction

Location: 35.9609872, -114.7275263

Spur View

Location: 35.9608309, -114.7281995

Steep Climb Down

Location: 35.9608482, -114.7273251

Beginning of Wash Back to Pools

Location: 35.9606442, -114.7270086

The Wash

Location: 35.960566, -114.726719

Rock Scrambling

Location: 35.9605009, -114.7263864

Narrow Wash

Location: 35.9604531, -114.7260645


Location: 35.960388, -114.7258446

This climb up the ladder will take you to the pools.

Sand Bags

Location: 35.9606355, -114.7255442

Volunteers separate pools with bags. Park Service often removes these bags. Each time you visit it will look differently.

Bottom Pool

Location: 35.9607093, -114.7255307

Upper Pool

Location: 35.9606919, -114.7255442

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