Arches National Park

Arches National Park: Eye of the Whale Loop

Find solitude in a geological playground of narrow canyons and pristine red sandstone arches on this rarely visited 4.5-mile loop.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 7.3



Location: 38.6987, -109.622704

From wash entrance, head N, following natural drainage


Location: 38.704578, -109.618401

Bear L @ 3-way, passing vibrant red plateau formations


Location: 38.706131, -109.613899

Bear L into 2nd canyon, following drainage (which may not be dry); great horned owls and desert cottontails here


Location: 38.71109, -109.608002

1st waterfall. Impassable: backtrack along L canyon wall, climb onto slickrock, scramble to flat area past waterfall


Location: 38.712421, -109.6073

2nd waterfall. Backtrack along L canyon wall to find passable section; enter redrock piazza. Go straight; as canyon narrows, climb along R wall to top of drainage


Location: 38.714649, -109.605301

Option: Go R, scramble to Beckwith Arch top, then trek E to base. Views of snowcapped Mt. Peale and Balanced Rock


Location: 38.716259, -109.607101

R @ 3-way along sandstone path to Leaping Arch, then L @ base of cliffs; follow wash and Eye of the Whale path


Location: 38.71476, -109.6035

Eye of the Whale Arch; hike through arch and down along R base of redrock cliffs


Location: 38.710369, -109.602699

Bear L on slickrock drainage away from Herdina
Park. Go cautiously down natural drainage to Willow Springs Rd.


Location: 38.697781, -109.6147

Bear R onto road; continue .5 mi. back to vehicle