Appalachian Trail: Mount Greylock Hike

Hit this 15-mile out-and-back on the Appalachian Trail via train and bus for sprawling views and Massachusetts' high point.
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Mapped by Jeff Chow

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 12.1



Location: 42.562084197998, -73.15771484375

From bus stop, walk N up School St. In .2 mi., turn L onto Appalachian Trail (across from Fisk St.); follow dirt path


Location: 42.5675849914551, -73.1592636108398

Cross North St., reconnect with AT, and begin mild ascent N, weaving in and out of woods


Location: 42.5757637023926, -73.1643295288086

Cross Outlook Ave., enter Mt. Greylock State Reservation; continue W


Location: 42.5782928466797, -73.1777496337891

AT curves R for steep climb N above Kitchen Creek; northern hardwoods provide refreshing shade


Location: 42.5984497070312, -73.1776809692383

Stay straight @ 4-way with Old Adams Rd. In .3 mi., pass rock shaped like a falcon's head; lush ferns cushion trail


Location: 42.6051330566406, -73.1834487915039

Look S for glimpse of verdant Berkshires. In .2 mi., straight @ 3-way with 500-ft. spur to Mark Noepel Shelter (room for 12)


Location: 42.6124153137207, -73.191047668457

Keep straight @ 3-way with Jones Nose Trail; trail swings N for traverse across forested ridge of Saddle Ball Mtn.


Location: 42.6309661865234, -73.1780853271484

Bear R @ 4-way with Rockwell Rd. In .3 mi., continue straight (NE) on AT @ 6-way


Location: 42.6333656311035, -73.1728363037109

Straight @ 3-way with Hopper Trail. In 100 yds., curve around wooded pond, cozy hut nearby. Cross Notch Rd. in .1 mi.


Location: 42.6369171142578, -73.1681976318359

Bear R @ Y with Outlook Trail; pass radio tower, privies; summit is to NE


Location: 42.6373329162598, -73.1661376953125

Mt. Greylock (3,491 ft.): War memorial, views over Berkshire hills; backtrack

A falcon-shaped rock

Location: 42.599681854248, -73.1786422729492

©Jeff Chow

Reflection of hut in pond

Location: 42.6335945129394, -73.1728973388672

©Jeff Chow

Wooded Pond

Location: 42.6340255737305, -73.1720352172852

©Jeff Chow

War Memorial

Location: 42.6373329162598, -73.1657104492188

©Jeff Chow

Views of War Memorial

Location: 42.6369018554688, -73.1681518554688

©Jeff Chow

Wooded Landscapes

Location: 42.6049995422363, -73.1835250854492

©Jeff Chow