Appalachian Trail: CT 341 to CT 4

A moderate ascent of Calebs Peak and a steep descent off St. Johns Ledges ends with a gentle cruise along the Housatonic River banks on this 10.7-mile hike.
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Shelters: Stewart Hollow Brook Lean-to; sleeps 6.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 17.3



Location: 41.8228149414062, -73.3863677978516

Cross CT 4. AT continues straight across road and then down across Guinea Brook. Note: If the brook is unpassable, turn E down CT 4 then W onto Old Sharon Rd. until you meet up with the AT. Parking located .8 mi. E off CT 4. Side trip: Turn E onto CT 4 for trip to Cornwall Bridge, CT. Popular hiker stop at the Cornwall Bridge Package store to see pictures of the many hikers who have passed through


Location: 41.7846488952637, -73.4137496948242

Stony Brook Campsite (group) along some of the flattest trail on the AT tracing the banks of the Housatonic River


Location: 41.7311515808106, -73.4906997680664

CT 341. Trail crosses straight into cow pastures before heading up to Glacier Rock (.8 mi. E to Kent, CT)


Location: 41.7786865234375, -73.4181976318359

Turn W and go 200 yds. to camp at Stewart Hollow Lean-to


Location: 41.7581329345703, -73.4505004882812

River Rd.; parking


Location: 41.8152503967285, -73.3895492553711

Silver Hill Campsite: This excellent camping spot with privy, pavilion, and sunrise views is overlooked by most


Location: 41.7834739685059, -73.4141464233398

Stony Brook Campsite (individual tents)


Location: 41.757682800293, -73.4559478759766

Steep descent of St. Johns Ledges


Location: 41.8075981140137, -73.3939819335938

River Rd.


Location: 41.7546157836914, -73.4657974243164

Calebs Peak (1,660 ft.): Look out onto the Housatonic River from rocky outcrops