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Angel Island State Park, CA: North Ridge Trail to Sunset Trail

Link two trails on San Francisco Bay's largest island on this 4.2-mile loop.
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This 4.2-mile loop follows North Ridge Trail and Sunset Trail for a scenic tour of the Bay's largest island. From the ferry landing at Ayala Cove, pick up North Ridge Trail and climb a grassy ridge to 788-foot Mount Livermore. Take in sweeping views of Mount Diablo and Mount Tamalpais, then merge onto Sunset Trail for a switchback descent to the dock.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 6.7



Location: 37.868396, -122.434586

From Ayala Cove, pick up North Ridge Trail to start the clockwise loop.


Location: 37.868514, -122.433666

Cross Perimeter Road and pick up the trail on the other side.


Location: 37.868504, -122.429414

Turn left on Fire Road.


Location: 37.86833, -122.429119

Turn right to reconnect with North Ridge Trail.


Location: 37.86244, -122.428132

Turn right and follow the side trail to the summit of Mount Livermore.


Location: 37.861534, -122.430955

Mount Livermore: This 788-foot summit reveals views of the San Francisco Bay Bridge and Mount Tamalpais. Backtrack to Waypoint 5 and turn right onto Sunset Trail.


Location: 37.861082, -122.428358

Turn right at T-junction.


Location: 37.862867, -122.436981

Descend a series of switchbacks.


Location: 37.864567, -122.432638

Cross Perimeter Road and follow the road that leads back to the Visitor Center and Ayala Cove.

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