Anchorage, AK: Bird Point

Watch the bore tide in Turnagain Arm and tour a scenic section of the Indian-to-Girdwood bike path on this easygoing, 1.9-mile hike less than an hour from Anchorage.

This easy, 1.9-mile hike on Bird Point visits a viewpoint overlooking Turnagain Arm and tours a short section of the Indian-to-Girdwood bike path. From the large parking area on the south side of the Seward Highway, pick up the paved connector path that travels past several beluga whale sculptures.
After passing the sculptures, walk through the tunnel below the highway and bear right onto the Indian-to-Girdwood bike path. The scenic path leads northeast past views of Turnagain Arm to a retired avalanche cannon mounted next to the trail. Read the interpretive sign, then turn around and return to the Bird Point parking area.
Next, walk up the ramp that starts on the south end of the parking area; several interpretive signs line the walkway. Stop at the enclosed area at the top of the ramp to read about Turnagain's bore tides. Continue along the walkway to a telescope overlooking Turnagain Arm and the Kenai Mountains. (If you have time, stay to watch the bore tide.) Take in the majestic scene from the overlook, then return to the parking area
-Mapped Kim Phillips

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 3.1



Location: 60.929098, -149.346465

From the large parking lot, follow the sidewalk northeast toward the beluga whale sculptures.


Location: 60.929384, -149.345655

Pass by the beluga whale sculptures, then bear right onto the paved path.


Location: 60.92964, -149.343789

Walk through a narrow tunnel that travels below the Seward Highway.


Location: 60.930736, -149.341683

Turn right at T-junction onto the Indian-to-Girdwood bike path. Head northeast.


Location: 60.931781, -149.337192

Bear right at Y-junction to check out views across Turnagain Arm.


Location: 60.934329, -149.326413

The trail passes an old avalanche cannon displayed next to the trail. Read about its history before turning around the heading back to Waypoint 1.


Location: 60.929059, -149.346498

After you return to Waypoint 1, climb the ramp that leaves from the parking area.


Location: 60.929059, -149.347222

Pass an interpretive sign about beaver dams.


Location: 60.928801, -149.346661

This small room has several interpretive signs. One of them explains the bore tide.


Location: 60.928415, -149.347254

This interpretive sign is dedicated to beluga whales.


Location: 60.928193, -149.347367

Look through the telescope at the end of the walkway to get close-up views of the bore tide.

Rainbow at Bird Point

Location: 60.929108, -149.346165

Beluga Whale Sculpture

Location: 60.929379, -149.345527

Views from Bird Point

Location: 60.929408, -149.344303

Bike Path

Location: 60.930742, -149.341632

Milepost 96

Location: 60.930761, -149.341514

Bike Path

Location: 60.931502, -149.338354

Views from the Trail

Location: 60.931558, -149.338093

Towering Lines

Location: 60.931819, -149.336701

Bike Path

Location: 60.932903, -149.332534

Turnagain Arm

Location: 60.933023, -149.332051

Bike Path

Location: 60.93317, -149.331374

Avalanche Cannon

Location: 60.934319, -149.326853

Avalanche Cannon

Location: 60.934365, -149.326559

Avalanche Cannon

Location: 60.934336, -149.326703

Bike Path

Location: 60.933647, -149.329611


Location: 60.930776, -149.341385

Interpretive Signs

Location: 60.928799, -149.34664

Views of Turnagain Arm

Location: 60.928798, -149.34675

Interpretive Path

Location: 60.928692, -149.347007

Turnagain Arm

Location: 60.928677, -149.347021

Interpretive Sign

Location: 60.928664, -149.347034

Turnagain Arm

Location: 60.928311, -149.347158


Location: 60.928196, -149.347313