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Albuquerque, NM: Spence Hot Springs

Pack a suit and soak in the soothing waters of Spence Hot Springs on this one mile out-and-back in the secluded Jemez Valley.

Save this popular hot springs hike for an early morning or a late evening when the crowds have lessened. The easy, 1-mile out-and-back leads to two natural hot pools overlooking a pine-blanketed canyon in the Santa Fe National Forest.
From the parking lot adjacent to NM 4, hike south toward San Antonio Creek on a network of dirt trails. After 800 feet, cross the creek and begin a short climb over loose rocks and exposed tree roots. After the steep but brief ascent, dip into Spence’s clear blue, 100-degree waters and savor the panoramas of Jemez Canyon to the south. Follow the same route back to the trailhead.
For more information, go to the Santa Fe National Forest Web site.
-Mapped by Brian Beer


Trail Facts

  • Distance: 1.6



Location: 35.8491394, -106.6319302

Hike south from the parking lot next to NM 4. Pass a plethora of trails that veer off from the main trail and lead to the creek.


Location: 35.8490763, -106.6306561

Cross a small footbridge over San Antonio Creek. The trail begins to climb, passing numerous side trails and trail junctions (all of these routes lead to the hot springs).


Location: 35.8495677, -106.6298541

Spence Hot Springs: Located near an opening in the pine trees, the hot springs feature two small pools with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (the upper pool is always warmer). Soak in the springs and take in the serene panoramas of the wooded Jemez Canyon to the south.

Spence Hot Springs

Location: 35.8495655, -106.6298246

Trailhead Parking

Location: 35.8491437, -106.6318685

Trail to Spence Hot Springs

Location: 35.8490742, -106.6321045

Nearing San Antonio Creek

Location: 35.8486959, -106.6311175

San Antonio Creek

Location: 35.849085, -106.6306347

Creek Crossing

Location: 35.8490915, -106.6306132


Location: 35.8490372, -106.6301385

Intrepid Hiker

Location: 35.8491698, -106.6298541

Lower Pool

Location: 35.8495481, -106.6298246

Views from Upper Pool

Location: 35.8495785, -106.6298407

Soaking in Spence

Location: 35.8495959, -106.6298702