Albany, NY: Opalescent River

End your day with a splash in Adirondack Park.
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When the summer temperatures spike in the Adirondacks, usually beginning in early July, head for this superb swimming hole to find liquid relief. From the trailhead, cross a wooden bridge and head right toward Lake Colden. Cross a cable bridge and continue 2.4 miles to Flowed Lands, then south to a dam at the southern end of the lake. Cross the spillway and turn downstream for a quarter-mile to the uppermost falls. At this hole, a high-angle cascade fractures into hundreds of streams as it stairsteps down into a kidney-shaped basin that’s about 40 feet wide. Steep ledges on the east (trail side) prevent direct access, so descend at the outlet of the pool and cross to the western side of the river to find a more user-friendly spot. Swim to the boulders in the middle of the river, where you can soak in the sun and best enjoy the views of the scenic canyon. Info: -Hike provided by Pancho Doll, author of the Day Trips with a Splash series (Running Water Publications)



Location: 44.0840187, -74.0575256

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